Improving self-supply water sources as a key to reach the water related SDG

2018-02-12T15:10:54Z (GMT) by Henk Holtslag James McGill
One way to reach the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).”Safe and affordable water for all” is improving Self-supply water sources. For instance millions of open hand dug wells in Africa can be improved with simple and low cost interventions. With subsidies and/or micro credits families can be stimulated to make their own wells for domestic and productive use. Support Self-supply is not instead of the conventional subsidised Communal water supply but an additional approach with the advantage of the income generating effect of water at family level and families willing to invest. A range of new, innovative and low cost technologies have made Self-supply affordable, so where technically possible, it makes sense to stimulate Self-supply. By using household water treatment, water from Self-supply sources can be made safe to drink. The right Self-supply approach will result in safe drinking water, more water for productive use, local business development, increased income for users and more food security.