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Inferring descriptive generalisations of formal languages

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posted on 2010-07-06, 10:42 authored by Dominik FreydenbergerDominik Freydenberger, Daniel Reidenbach
In the present paper, we introduce a variant of Gold-style learners that is not required to infer precise descriptions of the languages in a class, but that must find descriptive patterns, i.e., optimal generalisations within a class of pattern languages. Our first main result characterises those indexed families of recursive languages that can be inferred by such learners, and we demonstrate that this characterisation shows enlightening connections to Angluin’s corresponding result for exact inference. Using a notion of descriptiveness that is restricted to the natural subclass of terminal-free E-pattern languages, we introduce a generic inference strategy, and our second main result characterises those classes of languages that can be generalised by this strategy. This characterisation demonstrates that there are major classes of languages that can be generalised in our model, but not be inferred by a normal Gold-style learner. Our corresponding technical considerations lead to deep insights of intrinsic interest into combinatorial and algorithmic properties of pattern languages.



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FREYDENBERGER, D.D. and REIDENBACH, D., 2010. Inferring descriptive generalisations of formal languages. IN: Kalai, A.T. and Mohri, M. (eds). COLT 2010: Proceedings of the 23rd Conference on Learning Theory, Haifa, Israel, June 27-29, 2010. Madison, Wisconsin : OmniPress, pp. 194-206.


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