Integrated simulation of photovoltaic micro-generation and domestic electricity demand: a one-minute resolution open source model

2011-09-05T11:11:02Z (GMT) by Ian Richardson Murray Thomson
Domestic photovoltaic (PV) generation can partially offset the electricity demand within an individual dwelling. The net demand may be readily estimated on an annual basis but modelling its import and export, with respect to time, is more complex. A key issue is that domestic electricity demand, particularly lighting, is significantly influenced by the outdoor light level, which of course also has a direct effect on PV generation. Thus, realistic time-step simulation of the net demand requires that the two components are modelled with respect to a common representation of the solar irradiance. This paper presents the construction of an integrated model that provides data at a oneminute time resolution, built upon a fully validated high-resolution electricity demand model. An open-source software implementation of the integrated model in VBA within Microsoft Excel is described and is available for free download.