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Integrative education and technological literacy

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posted on 2006-05-09, 10:34 authored by D. Blandow
All learning involves the overcoming of barriers. Therefore, one of the roles of education is to frame situations that help people develop abilities to overcome these. Purpose of the Paper to make intelligible the complexity of technology; to make it clear that we cannot consider the schools as the only learning site; to present the foundations of a theory of the industry/education interface. It should be obvious that we could simply go on and on about the systematization and processes that are absolutely mandatory if we are to accomplish the challenging educational targets dictated by a society that is seriously concerned about its future and/or even survival. The long-range perspective clearly calls for a changing of the paradigms prescribing the roles of teachers as well as schools. The foundations of the theory we present are intended to enable this shift towards increased integration of learning sites according to the complexity of the environment as a whole.



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BLANDOW, D., 1991. Integrative education and technological literacy. DATER 1991 Conference, Loughborough: Loughborough University


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