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Issues relating to the statutory assessment of technology at key stage 3 (1989-93)

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posted on 08.05.2006, 14:03 authored by Richard Tufnell
During this four year period an agency based at Middlesex University was contracted by the Schools Examination and Assessment Council to develop statutory assessment procedures for both design and technology and information technology. This paper will reflect on some of the issues faced by the development team and aspects of the research undertaken in attempting to resolve these issues. The paper will explore the context for the development work with particular reference to the constraints imposed by political decisions and the problems created in attempting to examine a National Curriculum Order whilst many schools were still grappling with its implementation. The paper will focus on design and technology and deal with issues relating to both practical tasks and written tests. The proposed presenter of the paper was director of the agency throughout the four year period. Participants should note that certain aspects relating to this research and development work remain confidential.



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TUFNELL, R., 1994. Issues relating to the statutory assessment of technology at key stage 3 (1989-93). IDATER 1994 Conference, Loughborough: Loughborough University


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