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Mathematics teachers working and learning through collaboration

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posted on 2020-02-28, 10:52 authored by Barbara Jaworski, Olive Chapman, Alison Clark-Wilson, Annalisa Cusi, Cristina Esteley, Merrilyn Goos, Masami Isoda, Marie Joubert, Ornella Robutti
The authors of this paper were tasked by ICME-13 organisers with conducting a survey on the topic “Mathematics Teachers Working and Learning through Collaboration”. Four research questions guided the survey, concerned with: the nature of collaborative working; the people who engage collaboratively; the methodological and theoretical perspectives used; what learning could be observed and how it related to collaboration? The resulting survey drew from a wide range of sources, identifying papers relevant to the topic—316 papers were identified, analysed against a set of criteria and organised into three major themes, each relating to one or more of our research questions: Different contexts and features of mathematics teachers working in collaboration; Theories and methodologies framing the studies; Outcomes of collaborations. In addition to the papers revealed by the survey, the team sought contributions from projects around the world which are not represented in the published literature. Members from these projects offered ‘narratives’ from the work of teachers in the projects. This paper reports on the nature of the projects revealed by the survey and the narratives, their theoretical and methodological focuses, and the range of findings they expressed. While we offer a significant range of factors and findings, resulting from a very considerable work, we are aware of limitations in our study: we missed relevant papers in journals outside our range; papers reviewed were usually not authored by teachers so the teachers’ voice was often missing; narratives came from projects with which we were familiar, so we missed others. The survey team is in the process of initiating an ICMI study which can take this work into these missing areas. This paper follows closely the presentation made by the survey team at the ICME-13 congress. In presenting findings from the survey, we have tried to provide examples from and make reference to the survey papers. Because the set of references would be too large to fit within our word limit, we have had to reduce the number of references made. However, readers can find a full set of references in a more detailed paper, Robutti et al. in (ZDM Mathematics Education, 48(5), 651–690, 2016).



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Proceedings of the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education, ICME-13


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13th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME)




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