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Mobile-enabled payment as an innovative water utility cost recovery method in Nigeria

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posted on 12.02.2018, 15:10 by E.E. Ezenwaji, B.M. Eduputa
This paper assesses the contributions of Mobile-Enabled payment method for the improvement of finance of a water utility company in Nigeria, during thefirstfour years (Jan 2010 – Dec 2013) itpracticed the payment method. Towards achieving the aim, two sets of questionnaire totalling 503 were designed and administered. Collection of data was achieved between June and December, 2013 after which they were analysed with the use of simple statistical methods. The result shows that the Water Company (Lokson) started operation in January 2010 but by December 2013, 50% of households in its area of operation were already being served by the Company, while bill defaulters have decreased from 80% in 2010 to 44% in December 2013. The success of the method as well as its obstacles were discussed and recommendations made on how the payment method would be improved.



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  • Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)

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EZENWAJI, E.E. and EDUPUTA, B.M., 2015. Mobile-enabled payment as an innovative water utility cost recovery method in Nigeria. IN: Shaw, R.J. (ed). Water, sanitation and hygiene services beyond 2015 - Improving access and sustainability: Proceedings of the 38th WEDC International Conference, Loughborough, UK, 27-31 July 2015, 7pp.


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