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Nanotechnology– balancing accident reduction with potential health risks in construction

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posted on 26.08.2015, 09:17 by Wendy JonesWendy Jones, Alistair Gibb, Chris GoodierChris Goodier, Phil Bust, Jie Jin, Mo Song
Nanotechnology involves working at a sub microscopic level with particles or structures which are 1-100 nm in size – one nanometre being a billionth of a metre. Nanotechnology has the potential to reduce certain health and safety risks in the construction industry. It also offers improved material functionality and performance. However, there are unresolved concerns regarding the health risk from some nanomaterials. It is important that the adoption of these new materials does not increase the risk of occupational ill-health, described by Gibb et al (2006) as a ‘slow accident’. The IOSH-funded research on which this paper is based is assessing the use and benefits of nanomaterials in construction through literature review and interviews with industry stakeholders. The research is also exploring the potential for harm, particularly during demolition and recycling at end of life, by testing nano-enabled construction products in a laboratory environment.



  • Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering

Published in 8th edition Smart Prevention for Sustainable Safety


JONES, W. et al., 2015. Nanotechnology– balancing accident reduction with potential health risks in construction. IN: Proceedings of 8th edition, Smart Prevention for Sustainable Safety, Porto, Portugal 23-25 September.



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