Resource-oriented toilet: a sustainable sanitation option adopted in Arba Minch, Ethiopia

The ROSA project (ResourceOriented Sanitation concepts for periurban areas in Africa) proposes resourcesoriented sanitation concepts as a route to sustainable sanitation and to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals. These concepts are applied in ROSA's four pilot cities in Eastern Africa: Arba Minch in Ethiopia, Nakuru in Kenya, Arusha in Tanzania, and Kitgum in Uganda. With in the framework of the ROSA project several pilot units have been constructed for the treatment and safe use of human excreta, grey water and solid waste. Researches were also carried out targeting the gaps for the implementation of these resourceoriented sanitation solutions. In this paper the methods followed for the construction of toilet units constructed in Arba Minh town which include UDDT (urine diversion Dry Toilets), Fossa Alterna & Arborloo are described. In addition the implementation of the resource oriented concepts are addressed to share the knowledge acquired while implementing these toilet units.