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Spreading of blood over porous substrate: Dried blood spots sampling [Abstract]

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posted on 2017-07-07, 13:51 authored by Craig Chao, Diganta DasDiganta Das, Victor Starov
Dried blood spot (DBS) sampling is a method of blood collection, transportation and storage which has been investigated and used over the recent decades [1], [2]. The applications of DBS have been well developed in different area, such as, newborn screening, preclinical test, pharmacokinetic (PK), toxicokinetic (TK) and therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). The process of dried blood spots (DBS) sampling involves simultaneous spreading and penetration into a porous filter paper with subsequent evaporation and drying. The spreading/imbibition kinetic of blood, which is a non-Newtonian fluid, over different porous substrate is investigated from both experimental and theoretical points of view.



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The 6th APS International PharmSci Conference 2015, Nottingham, UK


CHAO, T-C., DAS, D.B. and STAROV, V., 2015. Spreading of blood over porous substrate: Dried blood spots sampling. Presented at the 6th APS International PharmSci Conference 2015, Nottingham, 7-9th September.


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