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Strategic asset management: relating to open building concepts

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conference contribution
posted on 13.06.2012, 10:29 by Sameedha Mahadkar, Grant R. Mills, Andrew Price, Philip D. Astley, Richard Hind
Healthcare services are provided in increasingly complex environments which are driven by multifaceted internal activities and the management of the physical assets is vital for efficient delivery of these services. Healthcare estates planning are supported by Trusts’: Strategic Service Development Plan (SSDP); Strategic Outline Case (SOC); Commissioners Investment & Asset Management Strategy (CIAMS); Estates Code; service specifications along with programme management; and investment appraisal and planning. This paper aims to explore current approaches and develop an approach to Strategic Asset Management using open building concepts that can be applied to healthcare projects to enable a flexible estates response to service redesign, technology innovation and changing business demands. This is achieved through collation and comparison of these approaches to identify existing gaps and inform how open thinking can transform business case procedures for estates planning and assist in the strategic evaluation of healthcare assets.



  • Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering


MAHADKAR, S. ... et al., 2011. Strategic asset management: relating to open building concepts. IN: GIBSON, M.D. and KENDALL, S. (eds) Architecture in the Fourth Dimension: Methods and Practices for a Sustainable Building Stock. Proceedings of the Joint Conference of CIB W104 and W110, November 15 – 17, 2011, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, pp. 200 - 210


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This conference paper was presented at Architecture in the Fourth Dimension, November 15 – 17, 2011 – Boston, Massachusetts, USA.