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Structuring design and technology for pupils with learning difficulties

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posted on 09.05.2006, 11:47 authored by F. Pearson
The purpose of this paper is to break down the various stages design activity into a number of smaller units, to enable pupils with learning difficulties to be able to cope with its logic /philosophy of the design process. Key Stage 3 pupils with learning difficulties are the target for the ideas and considerations set out in this paper. The pupils in question are those that have moderate learning difficulties, who may have some form of statement and who are, in general, in main stream schools. In spite of the National Curriculum for Technology (and Design) having a series of levels for each Attainment Target and Key Stage, some if not all of the various levels, whenever they occur, are perhaps asking too much of some pupils with learning difficulties. Learning difficulties in a design context not only refer to lack of reading and writing skills but also spatial/drawing skills, and the ability to sequence and manipulate information.



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PEARSON, F., 1991. Structuring design and technology for pupils with learning difficulties. DATER 1991 Conference, Loughborough: Loughborough University


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