Synergy and complementarity for sustainability of WASH programmes: the case of WASH Alliance Kenya

2018-11-08T16:40:49Z (GMT) by Mercy Miriti Tobias Omufwoko
In order to achieve the sustainable development goals, all stakeholders need to work together. Each stakeholder needs to understand their roles and responsibility in ensuring universal access to WASH for all by 2030. Systems need to change and more people need to be reached with the limited available resources within a short time. Stakeholders need to complement each other and not compete in providing communities with WASH services. NGOs and the private sector and Government need to work together supporting the government in implementing its strategies in providing WASH services to the communities using the limited available resources hence giving comprehensive WASH to households making them enjoy full access to WASH services. Partners working together get value for money by reaching more people with less resources, increased impact of their activities, strong partnerships and there is a good track record from the past experience of other partners.