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Technology 15+. Integration of technology in science subjects in The Netherlands

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posted on 04.05.2006, 09:49 authored by Cor de Beurs
This presentation draws from experiences obtained from the project 'Technology 15+'. In 1997 the Dutch government decided to integrate aspects of technology in the science subjects of the upper level secondary education. Under the authority of the Ministry of Education the project group "Technology 15+" developed a didactical framework and curriculum materials for the integration of technology and design activities in Science subjects. The project group "Technology 15+" is a co-operation between educational institutes, teacher training centres and the National Institute for Curriculum Development. Where initially the attention was directed towards teaching contents and curriculum development, now the focus is on a wide and durable implementation at all secondary schools. In co-operation with technical colleges, universities, local industry and secondary schools we organize regional networks for supporting design activities in (and outside!) the schools. This support can have different dimensions, e.g.: in service training for science teachers, technical students coaching pupils working at design activities, pupils from secondary schools doing their practical work at the institutes, internet support and visits to industry, etc. In my presentation I will focus on the issues identified within this project and how they have been resolved.



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De BEURS, C., 2000. Technology 15+. Integration of technology in science subjects in The Netherlands. IDATER 2000 Conference, Loughborough: Loughborough University


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