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The development of a new taxonomy for graphicacy

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conference contribution
posted on 05.08.2009, 11:58 authored by Xenia Danos, Eddie Norman
Graphicacy as an aspect of everyday life is demonstrated by highlighting the wide range of professions in which it plays an important part. It has emerged as a concept in many countries in relation to the development of school curricula, and its origins in Australia, South Africa, the UK and the USA are described. Prior research concerning the testing of levels of graphicacy is described. Previously published typologies and a long-established taxonomy for graphical literacy by Fry are discussed before presenting a newly developed taxonomy for graphicacy, which has been designed to facilitate full curriculum audits. Examples are given of how design and technology education contributes to teaching aspects of this new taxonomy, and hence to the general education of children.



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DANOS, X. and NORMAN, E.W.L., 2009. The development of a new taxonomy for graphicacy. IN: Norman, E. and Spendlove, D. (eds). The Design and Technology Association International Research Conference 2009. [Loughborough University, 30 June - 2nd July]. Wellesbourne : The Design and Technology Association, pp. 69-84


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