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The knowledge management to learning organization connection

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posted on 2009-03-23, 12:14 authored by Paul Chinowsky, Patricia CarrilloPatricia Carrillo
The changes in the engineering-construction (E-C) industry of the 21st century require organizations to take a more active role in developing knowledge management and learning organization initiatives. The need to both retain knowledge within the organization and focus on continuous human resource development throughout all levels of the organization is becoming a primary challenge throughout the industry. This paper addresses this challenge by focusing on the question of the link between knowledge management and learning organizations and how to transform an organization from a focus on knowledge management to a focus on developing a learning culture. Based on a series of studies by the PIs into the characteristics of both knowledge management and learning organizations, this paper outlines models of each of these concepts and introduces a bridge that details the level of knowledge management implementation that must be in place prior to an organization having the capacity to move to a learning focus. Additionally, the case studies conducted during the current study provide a basis for presenting potentially unsuccessful paths that may be selected by organizations during the implementation of a knowledge management to learning organization transition.



  • Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering


CHINOWSKY, P. and CARRILLO, P.M., 2007. The knowledge management to learning organization connection. IN: Garvin, M., Edum-Fotwe, F. and Chinowsky, P. (eds.) ASCE / CIB Construction Research Congress, Grand Bahama Island, 6-8 May




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