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The nature of learning and progression in Design and Technology

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posted on 2006-03-15, 11:25 authored by Eddie Norman, P.H. Roberts
The National Curriculum (NC) model of design and technological capability is intended to become the institutionalised model. As the first cohort reaches Key Stage 4 GCSE syllabuses will be altered to fall into line and no doubt the reform of A and AS levels will be expected to follow, but how well-founded is the basis for all this reform? This paper seeks to offer the basis for discussion of the well-foundedness of National Curriculum Technology in a number of ways: * by considering the apparent model of design and technological capability that is at its centre * by questioning its fundamental ideology * by discussing its documentation * by reflecting on other models of design and technology. The discussions concerning changes to GCSEs and educational provision for the 16-19 age range are vital in determining future design and technological capability, and it should not be taken for granted that the existing model of NC design and technology will prevail.



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NORMAN, E.W.L. and ROBERTS, P.H., 1992. The nature of learning and progression in Design and Technology. IDATER 1992 Conference, Loughborough University


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