The prediction of process scale vacuum filter cycles from laboratory scale tests

2009-12-10T11:53:55Z (GMT) by Jonathan N. Pascoe Steve Tarleton
This paper presents filtration data from a series of laboratory scale tests which quantify both the filtration and post-treatment characteristics of an industrial catalyst slurry. A computer automated and well controlled apparatus was used to acquire data for filter cycles comprising combinations of filtration, displacement washing and gas deliquoring. The influence of a matrix of parameters such as applied pressure gradient and cake thickness was examined to establish the scale-up parameters required for use in process simulations. Scale-up predictions from these simulations, developed as a part of another research programme, are described and compared with experimentally measured filtration data from an in-service process scale rotary vacuum filter (RVF). It was found that the simulations provided almost exact predictions of filtrate volume and mass of solids in the cake, along with estimates within 25% of the measured cake height for the experimental data obtained at both the laboratory and full scale.