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The prior team work experience of first year undergraduate designers whilst at school: a focusing survey

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posted on 09.03.2006, 18:40 authored by Howard G. Denton
A previous survey found that university staff considered undergraduates bring little teamwork capability from their schools. This survey aims to clarify this observation. First year undergraduate students were surveyed on the team working experiences and instruction they had received at school. Research questions included: Is team based work done in years 12 and 13? If so, in what subjects? Is instruction given on team working? What types of activity were done? What proportion of time is spent? What are student perceptions of their team working abilities? Results indicate that the proportion of time spent in team based activity was similar in all subjects, at about 25%. About 26% reported being given instruction on team working during years 12 and 13. The self-perception of the sample as teamworkers was positive at 6.26 on a 1- 10 scale. Females were more positive than males (6.79 and 6.07). In both sexes the perception of the importance of team working within their degree study was higher than the self perception of their own ability. The survey showed team based activity is used in years 12 and 13 in all subjects, but not in all schools and what work there is appears to lack focus and structure in terms of developing team work capability. There is evidence that only a small proportion of school staff both use team based activity and teach pupils how to work in a team.



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DENTON, H.G., 1997. The prior team work experience of first year undergraduate designers whilst at school: a focusing survey. IDATER conference 1997, Loughborough University.


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