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The relationship between "modelling" and designing and making with food as a material in design and technology

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posted on 2006-05-09, 09:29 authored by Jane Murray
Food has been identified as a material in Design and Technology. This has led to the expression of much comment and prejudice especially with regard to the relationship between food and modelling. Five topics relating to modelling and food as a material are discussed in this paper. Definitions of modelling - are they broad enough to encompass the materials and the functions of modelling? Modelling of ideas - is fundamental to all materials for developing, expressing and communicating ideas. Cognitive processes - modelling is part of concept formation and engaging in practical activity and therefore essential. Representational materials used - must be appropriate for the actual materials, including food, being represented. Teaching and learning implications - students should engage in imaging, modelling and representing ideas. Teachers should provide students with opportunities for modelling in ways that are appropriate to the student, the intended audience, the materials and outcomes being considered. The paper demonstrates the relationship between modelling and food as a material through discussion and specific food examples.



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MURRAY, J., 1992. The relationship between "modelling" and designing and making with food as a material in design and technology. IDATER 1992 Conference, Loughborough: Loughborough University


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