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Thermo-mechanical modelling on Lithium ion battery cells

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conference contribution
posted on 2021-05-13, 13:08 authored by E.F Gomez Ulloa, James Busfield, Nicola Pugno, Wei Tan
Lithium-ion batteries of high energy density can provide hazards if being malfunctioned, whether by incorrect charging/discharging or working conditions. A deeper knowledge must be developed to understand the internal behaviour of such cells when exposed at malfunctioning conditions to increase their crashworthiness and longevity. This paper will explore the thermal and mechanical behaviour of a Lithium ion 18650 cell. A thermal-mechanical model is presented to predict the heat dissipation and mechanical deformation under extreme loading conditions. The predictions correlate well with the experimental results, providing an effective tool to guide the design of batteries and battery enclosure structures.



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