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Towards sustainable KM in high-performance sport

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posted on 04.07.2017, 14:04 by Divyata Sohal, Gillian Ragsdell, Donald Hislop
For knowledge management initiatives to be successful and provide sustainable competitive advantage, it is imperative that they are rooted in the organisation’s context. This paper presents a knowledge management audit methodology for conducting a systemic inquiry into the multiple factors within an organisational context that can impact on the success of the KM strategy. Drawing from the practice-based perspective, the KM audit is proposed to study the organisational objectives, identify the strengths and barriers in the context and highlight the existing knowledge resources and processes. As opposed to the existing audit methodologies in the literature that present a snapshot evaluation of the context, the present audit methodology will adopt the iterative approach of the action research process; the data collection and analysis phases will be conducted simultaneously, progressively developing insight and meaning. Further, the findings will be continuously fed back to the organisation and used directly to inform the KM strategy through forming a working relationship with the current Knowledge Manager in the organisation. The overall aim is to inform a KM strategy that will strategically align to the organisational context whilst utilising the available resources. It is expected that this approach will result in a KM strategy that will foster a long-term focus on KM in the organisation, provide sustainable competitive advantage and be robust in the face of dynamic organisational climates. This work-in-progress study is being conducted in a not-for-profit, knowledge intensive, high-performance sport organisation to illustrate the KM audit in practice. This paper presents the audit methodology and discusses the rationale and benefits of conducting a KM audit, along with preliminary findings and reflections from the audit process at the case study organisation.



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European Conference on Knowledge Management


SOHAL, D., RAGSDELL, G. and HISLOP, D., 2017. Towards sustainable KM in high-performance sport. IN: Marimon, F. al., (eds.) Proceedings of the 18th European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM), International University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain, 7-8th Sept. Reading: Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited, Vol. 2, pp 1212-1219.


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