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Transmission line modelling of cylindrical cavity loaded with a slotted dielectric rod

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posted on 12.06.2018, 12:22 by Oluwafunmilayo Agunlejika, James FlintJames Flint, Rob Seager
© 2015 IEEE. This paper examines the effect of loading a microwave cylindrical cavity with radially slotted dielectric rod. Although, methods for the computation of the resonant frequency of dielectric loaded cavity have been presented in the literatures, the effect of placing radial slots on axisymmetric dielectric load in relation to the cavity resonance has not been studied. The study was carried out using a cylindrical TLM solver developed in MATLAB. A parametric check on the effect of varying the slot depth and width shows that the slot width has greater effect on the cavity resonance than the slot depth. It was also discovered that multiple narrow slots on the load affects the resonance frequency of the cavity more than a single wide slot. The effect of periodicity of the slots on the resonance frequency was also investigated.


This research was partly supported by both the Schlumberger foundation and the Petroleum Technology Development Fund of Nigeria.



  • Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering

Published in

RFM 2015 RFM 2015 - 2015 IEEE International RF and Microwave Conference


31 - 34


AGUNLEJIKA, O., FLINT, J.A. and SEAGER, R.D., 2016. Transmission line modelling of cylindrical cavity loaded with a slotted dielectric rod. Presented at the 2015 IEEE International RF and Microwave Conference (RFM), Kuching, Sarawak, December, 14-16th, pp. 31-34.




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