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Ultra thin dipole antenna backed by new planar artificial magnetic conductor

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posted on 2012-06-26, 11:26 authored by M.K.T. Al-Nuaimi, William WhittowWilliam Whittow
In some wireless communications it is desirable for antennas to have a low profile configuration. In such a design, the overall height of the antenna structure is usually less than one tenth of the operating wavelength. A fundamental challenge in low profile wire antenna design is the coupling effect of a nearby ground plane. A compact highly directional dipole antenna backed by our novel proposed planar artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) structure with an overall height of 0.034 λ is investigated. Two different dipoles are used in this study, wire and printed dipole antenna over the proposed AMC. A comparative study is conducted to study the return loss of the dipole antenna parallel above the proposed AMC and the ideal perfect electric conductor (PEC). A numerical simulation model using Ansoft high frequency structure simulator (Ansoft- HFSSTM) is developed to predict the reflection phase stop band of the proposed structure. The peak gain of the antenna over the proposed AMC is close to 8 dBi.



  • Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering


AL-NUAIMI, M.K.T. and WHITTOW, W.G., 2009. Ultra thin dipole antenna backed by new planar artificial magnetic conductor. IN: LAPC 2009, Loughborough Antennas and Propagation Conference, Loughborough, UK, 16th-17th November. Loughborough : Loughborough University, pp. 97-100.


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