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Using training workshops to map interdisciplinary team working

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posted on 06.07.2009, 15:34 by Simon Austin, John Steele, Sebastian Macmillan, Robin Spence, Paul Kirby
Contemporary building projects are increasingly complex and demand close integration between the design of the building services and the fabric. The early stages of the design process, when alternative concepts are being generated and the least promising are eliminated, are recognised as crucial, since they define the parameters within which the whole project will be constrained. AMEC Design, a large practice of building service engineers, surveyors, architects and other building design professionals is committed to interdisciplinary teamwork at the conceptual phase of design, and is participating with other construction organisations and with the University of Cambridge in research to map the process of design at the concept phase. Workshops for design team members are run regularly by the company as part of its staff development programme. A recent workshop provided an opportunity to monitor interdisciplinary design teams and to develop an initial 12-phase model of the conceptual design process. The process as observed was clearly non-linear, implying the need for models which allow flexible interpretations. Future revisions will be followed by further testing in similar workshops, and eventually its application on live projects.



  • Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering


AUSTIN, S.A. ... et al, 1999. Using training workshops to map interdisciplinary team working. Proceedings of CIBSE National Conference, CIBSE99, Harrogate, 3rd-5th October, pp. 38-49.


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