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Visitor’s physical activity behaviour in protected natural areas: A case study of Alt Pirineu Natural Park, Spain

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posted on 23.03.2020, 11:37 authored by Estela Inés Farías Torbidoni, Sebatstià Mas Alòs, Susana Monserrat-RevilloSusana Monserrat-Revillo, Gonzalo Gil
Recreational and sport activities in protected natural areas (PNA) have increased in recent years. Specific policies regulate PNA, thus are an appropriate time and environment to promote health and wellbeing through the practice of physical activity and sport. Identifying the visitors profile is essential in PNA to provide targeted programmes. The purpose of this study is to identify visitors’ profile in relation to the type and intensity of physical activity according to metabolic equivalent (MET) consumption in order to investigate the association between physical activity behaviour and visitors’ characteristics at Alt Pirineu Natural Park, Spain. Visitors to the Alt Pirineu Natural Park completed structured surveys to analyse their type and intensity of physical activity (independent outcome) according to the MET compendium in relation to the dependent outcomes such as: sociodemographic data and visiting behaviour. Visitors completed 1600 surveys from 16 accesses to the park during 12 months. One hundred thirty-five (8.6%) visitors reported sedentary activities (remaining at the park entrance), 129 (8.2%) light-intensity activities (driving 4x4 vehicle, fishing trout), 1036 (65.8%), moderate-intensity (hiking, mushrooming, riding ATV or motorbike, snow shoeing, downhill skiing) and 274 (17.4%) reported vigorous-intensity activities (trekking, climbing hills, MTB, Nordic skiing and ski touring). Twenty-six cases were discarded. The results were discussed in terms of visitors’ groups and management implication.


Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food of the Government of Catalonia.



  • Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


36 - 55


STC'16 Sport Tourism Conference- Red, green and blue strategies


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Kristina Bučar; Sanda Renko



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6-8 April, 2016


Dr Susana Monserrat-Revillo. Deposit date: 20 March 2020