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Water pollution potential from agrochemicals

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posted on 2018-02-12, 15:07 authored by Nicholas Kyei-Baffour, Ebenezer Mensah
One of the many ways of increasing agricultural production to meet the food and fibre requirements of the ever increasing population of the country is the use of agrochemicals. Some ingredients of these agrochemicals which may not be indicated on the product label could be injurious to human health if they enter the food chain. Fertilisers could also lead to the eutrophication of surface water sources which often serve as the only source of drinking water for most rural areas. In Ghana, the cultivation of vegetables, especially toma­toes are done intensively with agrochemicals. A prelimi­nary survey with questionnaires was undertaken to find out about agrochemicals in use in the Akomadan and Agogo tomato growing areas and their mode of applica­tion. The study showed that most farmers do farm along river banks during the dry season and handling, storage, formulation, application and disposal were unsatisfactory. No protective clothing are used and signs of rashes and chemical burns were evident. Improper application seemed to have rendered some pesticides ineffective. The dosage of agrochemicals applied was related to the financial status of the farmer. Farmers perception of certain measure­ments were blurred and in Agogo where extension serv­ices are minimal, farmers are left at the mercy of advice from colleagues who are illiterate or had primary educa­tion. Pollution of water sources looked likely from runoff, seepage and direct disposal of agrochemicals.



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KYEI-BAFFOUR, N. and MENSAH, E., 1993. Water pollution potential from agrochemicals. IN: Pickford, J. et al. (eds). Water, sanitation, environment and development: Proceedings of the 19th WEDC International Conference, Accra, Ghana, 6-10 September 1993, pp.301-302.


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