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Web-based delivery of courseware, tutorials and assessment with WebOL

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posted on 22.05.2006, 17:12 by Ray Harper
A role for computer-based assessment in support of learning is well established. There are various software packages that enable the construction of computerbased assessments and many of these enable delivery through the World Wide Web. However, many of these packages have disadvantages such as (i) being restricted to use solely through the World Wide Web, (ii) being restricted to solely producing assessments, (iii) having a restricted range of question styles, (iv) being difficult to install, particularly for inexperienced users and (v) being difficult to use. WebOL attempts to provide a package that addresses these issues. It is easy and quick to use through completion of fill-in forms for a wide range of question styles; can produce lecture style courseware, tutorials and assessments and can be delivered through a variety of media such as the World Wide Web, LANs, CD-ROMs and floppy discs. The information that is displayed to the user is easily customised when designing a project. The system makes it easy to reuse questions and web pages to produce interrelated projects. The basic formatting enhancements are available and additional materials such as video and animations can be included in questions. Indeed any type of web page component can be added either within WebOL or through a web editor.



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HARPER, T., 2001. Web-based delivery of courseware, tutorials and assessment with WebOL. IN: Proceedings of the 5th CAA Conference, Loughborough: Loughborough University


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