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Additional artefact: database of Ladybird books' titles

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posted on 09.01.2020, 11:34 by Lorraine J. Johnson
Microsoft access database containing details of books published by Ladybird between 1914 and 2009.

Appendix to doctoral thesis
The research undertaken for this project relates to the history of the 'Ladybird' imprint together with the company that produced these popular children's books. The period, from 1914 to present day, during which the books were produced, and throughout which the company operated, was one of great technological change in the print industry as well as one of great social change, and the company was shaped by many outside factors. In turn, its books were widely read and, arguably, themselves influenced generations of children. The research covers the books and the company from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. Various factors that have influenced the company and its books, such as the British education system, the First and Second World wars, changes in print and communications technology, the British library system and bookselling practices, evolving social and political attitudes, the impact of the media and the company's competitors, have all been taken into account. The ways in which the brand has emerged and evolved is discussed within the context of commercial, social and political factors.


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