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Biological metrics from 202 UK lotic sites

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posted on 2021-06-11, 10:46 authored by Simone GuareschiSimone Guareschi, Alex Laini, Judy England, Jon Barrett, Paul WoodPaul Wood

Biological metrics: data from 202 UK lotic sites used in the analysis for the study: Multiple co-occurrent alien invaders constrain aquatic biodiversity in rivers. Ecological Applications

The following explain the column headings in the spreadsheet:

SITE_ID =Site ID of the lotic site; WATER_BODY= Water body name, SAMPLE_DATE=Date of Sampling, WHPT_TOTAL= WHPT index score, N_TAXA-WHPT=Total number of taxa used to calculate the WHPT score, Frich=Functional Richness value, FRed= Functional Redundancy value, ACI=Abundance Contamination Index, RCI=Richness Contamination Index, Invaders= Number of invaders (5 = ≥5)


Royal Society-Newton International Fellowship at Loughborough University, UK (NIF\R1\180346)



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