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Cable impedance data

posted on 25.06.2015, 13:14 authored by Andrew UrquhartAndrew Urquhart, Murray ThomsonMurray Thomson

This dataset contains impedance data for low voltage electricity distribution cables. The data has been generated using a finite element modelling method based on the FEMM software package. The cable impedance data allows for the non-circular geometry of the sector-shaped conductors, and also takes into account induced eddy currents. Results are presented for 50 Hz and for harmonic frequencies up to 3 kHz. The impedance data provides the series impedance for six variants of Waveform cable, as follows: 3-core 95 mm², 3-core 185 mm², 3-core 300 mm² 4-core 95 mm², 4-core 185 mm², 4-core 300 mm² The dataset also includes details of the equations developed to describe the sector-shaped conductors, for use in entering the cable geometry into the FEMM software.

The data itself is to be found in Loughborough's Institutional Repository and this data is intended as an annex to a paper submitted for publication.