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Data files for The Influence of Phase Purity on the Stability of Pt/LaAlO3 Catalysts in the Aqueous Phase Reforming of Glycerol

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posted on 2022-11-25, 08:59 authored by Donald InnsDonald Inns, Xuetong PeiXuetong Pei, Simon KondratSimon Kondrat, Zhaoxia ZhouZhaoxia Zhou, Daniel J. M. Irving

XRD, XPS, IR, and PDF data are included as accessible files for the fresh and recovered Pt/LaAlO3-c and LaAlO3-c (where c = calcination temperature of the support at 700, 900, 1100 °C). Characterisation of the fresh materials allowed for identification of amorphous lanthanum carbonate phases in the 700 °C calcined sample that was not present in the higher calcined materials. The recovered Pt/LaAlO3-c were characterised after the aqueous phase reforming (APR) of glycerol to understand effects of real catalytic reactions on material structure. Additionally, the recovered LaAlO3-c were characterised after simulated reactions with acidic reaction products (lactic acid and CO2) to deconvolute the effects of specific reaction products on material stability. It is essential to note that multiple advanced characterisation techniques were required to fully characterise any amorphous content and the early-stage decomposition that occurs during the reactions. 


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