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Dataset _ Cultural Blindness: Eye-tracking trial of visual attention towards Assistive Technology (AT) product, by students from the UK and Pakistan

posted on 27.11.2020, 14:33 by Salman Asghar, George TorrensGeorge Torrens, Hassan Iftikhar, Robert G. HarlandRobert G. Harland

These data files are associated with a recent eye-tracking based experiment. The enclosed dataset comprises of raw-data obtained from the eye-tracking trials from the young-adult participants from the United Kingdom (UK) and Pakistan. A complete process of the experiment is illustrated in the first visual. Initially, an anonymised and brief information of participants is presented in this dataset (having a format of .xlsx).

Afterwards, a series of text (.txt) files is presented. Each .txt file contains raw-data obtained from the Tracksys supplied BeGaze 3.6 software, describing the details of pattern of fixation of viewers/participants’ viewing behaviour. To gain insights of viewers viewing behaviour (from .txt files), comprehensive, yet untreated, data files of both groups for all visuals are also enclosed with this dataset.

The supplemental material (heatmaps) are also obtained from the post-processing phase. Those are also presented here, for the participants of both groups, separately.

NOTE: Respective encoded files name, differentiates and defines the relevant information of one file from another.



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