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Dataset _ The influence of social context on the perception of assistive technology: Using a semantic differential scale to compare young adults’ views from the UK and Pakistan

posted on 09.10.2019, 10:38 authored by Salman Asghar, George TorrensGeorge Torrens, Hassan Iftikhar, Ruth WelshRuth Welsh, Robert G. HarlandRobert G. Harland

This dataset contains raw data and their corresponding results files associated with a recent study. Each MS Excel spreadsheet entails the data for one aspect of study which is specified by name of the file.

The information about participants i.e. personal and demographic, responses for first SD scale, second SD scale and personal evaluation are presented in each spreadsheet. The supplemental material (participant information sheet, informed consent form, online questionnaire, risk assessment form) are also enclosed with this dataset. Lastly, for the analysis of raw data, statistical test such as; independent sample t-test was performed. The original SPSS data files are also included.


University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore, Pakistan.



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