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Datasets for High-speed range and velocity measurement using frequency scanning interferometry with adaptive delay lines

posted on 2020-10-07, 14:54 authored by Christos Pallikarakis, Jonathan Huntley, Pablo RuizPablo Ruiz
The 12x datasets refer to the locations of table-1. Each dataset contains the following variables. I_FBG: optical pulse from fibre Bragg grating at 1310 nm, I_PZT: signal from Burleigh R6-93 ramp generator that drives the Burleigh PZ-81 linear translator, Imeas_int: interference intensity for the FSI-ADL system, Iref_int: interference signal from the VCSEL built-in MZI. t_FBG, t_PZT, tmeas_int and tref_int are the corresponding time vectors. The final dataset 'Location-1_Fixed_wavelength' refers to fixed wavelength (1270 nm) measurements at location-1 with the SANTEC laser and contains 4x variables required to reproduce fig.4. I_SANTEC_1270nm: interference intensity at 1270 nm, PZT_volts: signal from Burleigh R6-93 ramp, and t_PZT and t_SANTEC_1270nm the equivalent time vectors. All intensity vectors have units of Volts and all time vectors are in seconds.


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