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Divergence and convergence in graphic design and communication design: conversation cue cards

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posted on 03.08.2018, 10:09 by Robert G. HarlandRobert G. Harland
These cue cards were prepared for a 'Conversation' workshop at the Design Research Society Conference, University of Limerick, Ireland, 25–28th June 2018.

The cards are made available here as a resource for further use by session participants and others who might wish to facilitate a similar workshop. Furthermore, and where applicable, each card is fully referenced for those who want to further research the difference and similarity between Graphic Design and Communication Design.

The objective of the workshop was to establish where there are converging and diverging interests between Graphic Design and Communication Design, and where there needs to be further research into differentiation that challenges assumptions about practice, theory, and history, in these fields. The cards were designed to stimulate discussion about the artefacts, activities, practises, functions, competencies, and opinions about the supposed link between these fields.

The session was convened by Robert Harland (Lead) (Loughborough University), Veronika Kelly (University of South Australia), Karel van der Waarde (Swinburne University of Technology and Basel School of Design, and Eamon Spelman (Limerick Institute of Technology).

A report on the workshop can be located in the Conversations section of the DRS2018 website at: http://www.drs2018limerick.org/