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Emblem and Kit History of Leicester City Football Club

posted on 11.08.2017, 10:22 by Johnny Xu
It is difficult to trace why the blue colour has been decided for the identity of the Leicester City Football Team. However the club's home colours of royal blue shirts, white shorts, and royal blue socks have been used for the team's kits throughout most of its history. Until now the official Leicester City Home kits for the 2017/18 season still continue to feature the club's traditional shade of blue alongside fox tonal gold badges half sleeve graphic, specifically designed as identity of the club.

Apart from the uniform, the club emblems are also associated blue colour throughout the long history of the club. In 1948, an image of a fox was first time incorporated into the club crest, as Leicestershire is known for foxes and fox hunting. This is the origin of the nickname ‘The Foxes’ of the club. For the transformation of the badges in the club’s history, it consists using blue as main themed colour for the club. That is why in local terms, the club is also known as ‘The blues’.


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