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Experimental dataset, frequency response curves for automotive vehicle variability studies. Measurements on several identical vehicles using a force hammer as excitation and accelerometer to obtain the response.

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posted on 15.06.2017, 12:28 by Daniel O'BoyDaniel O'Boy, Amy Dowsett, Stephen Walsh, Ali Abolfathi, STEVE FISHERSTEVE FISHER
Experimental frequency response function measurements (excitation by impact hammer and response at an accelerometer) on many identical automotive vehicles.

Saved as Matlab Mat files, this archive contains individually labelled files with point mobility data for 1, or 16 vehicles, transfer mobility data for 1, or 16 vehicles and coherence data for 1, 16 vehicles.
A separate frequency axis is given in a separate file. Loading the frequency and one of the data files is enough to replicate the results in the journal paper. Example plotting routine of Transfer mobility for Engine Mount to lower A pillar on 1 vehicle repeated 30 times is given as a file.
Raw data files are available separately on request.


EPSRC EP/K014102/1 and Jaguar Land Rover