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Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of a Physico-Chemical Lithium-ion Battery Model with Combined Discharge Voltage and Electrochemical Impedance Data - Dataset

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posted on 2022-02-24, 16:59 authored by Buddhi Senake-Ralalage, Ashley FlyAshley Fly, Izzuan Bin-Mat-Arishad
Data include,
1) experimental data of 0.2C discharge voltage profile data of two LGM50 cells
2) experimental EIS data of LGM50 cell at 100% SOC and 20 deg C temperature
3) LGM50 COMSOL model simulated data (.mat format) of discharge voltage data and EIS spectra (README.txt files are provided in each zip file explaining the data structures)
4) LGM50 COMSOL numerical model



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