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Skin wetness sensitivity across the body of Multiple Sclerosis patients - Dataset

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posted on 2021-10-05, 12:45 authored by Ashleigh FiltnessAshleigh Filtness, Richard Bibb, Aikaterini Christogianni, Davide Filingeri
Wetness sensing and modulation with changes in mean skin temperature (Tsk) from twelve MS participants and 11 healthy controls. Participants reported on visual analogue scales local wetness perceptions arising from the static and dynamic application of a cold-, neutral-, and warm-wet probe (1.32cm2; water content: 0.8ml), to the index-finger pad, forearm, and forehead. Three trials were completed, during which they performed a quantitative sensory test with either a thermo-neutral (30.9°C), warm (34.8°C), and cold (26.5°C) mean Tsk.


AC was supported by a PhD Scholarship funded by Loughborough University, UK.



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