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Underlying data: Temperature dependency of diagnostic methods in lithium-ion batteries

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posted on 2022-05-11, 13:33 authored by Ashley FlyAshley Fly, Buddhi Senake-Ralalage, Izzuan Bin-Mat-ArishadIzzuan Bin-Mat-Arishad, Maria Sarmiento-Carnevali

Underlying battery experimental data for the publication titled 'Temperature dependency of diagnostic methods in lithium-ion batteries'.

All data files are as recorded by the Gamry 5000E via the Gamry framework software. Data is arranged in folder from run 1-4 and each temperature in a sub folder.

Data can be imported into MATLAB and processed by running the Post_process_data.m script which uses the included import functions to extract data from the Gamry .DTA files.

After running Post_process_data.m and importing data Post_process_ICA_peak_identification.m is used to analyse the ICA data and ECM_fitting_aged.m for impedance circuit fitting.

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