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Viscous dissipation single particles

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posted on 2019-02-19, 09:46 authored by Derek Michael Forrester, Jinrui Huang, Valerie PinfieldValerie Pinfield
Data sets extracted from COMSOL and from numerical implementations of the Epstein-Carhart/Allegra-Hawley model for Rayleigh scattering in a thermo-viscous medium.
Vorticity and viscous power dissipation.

As plotted in Figures in Scientific Reports (2019): Forrester, Huang, Pinfield "Modelling viscous boundary layer dissipation effects in liquid surrounding individual solid nano- and micro-particles in an ultrasonic field"


EPSRC: EP/M026302/1

Ultrasonic propagation in complex media: correlated spatial distributions and multiple dispersed phases

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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