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'Towards a New Sociology of the Text: The Concept of the Author in the Digital Age' Questionnaire and Results

posted on 2018-12-11, 16:52 authored by Leah Henrickson
The complete results of an online reader response questionnaire entitled 'Towards a New Sociology of the Text: The concept of the Author in the Digital Age'. Also, a copy of the questionnaire for reference.

500 participants were asked to attribute authorship to a computer-generated news article.

This dataset was amassed as part of a doctoral research project to discern the social and literary implications of natural language generation and computer-generated texts.

Prior to beginning the questionnaire, participants agreed that 'I understand that anonymised quotes may be used in publications, reports, web pages, and other research outputs.' Participants were informed that '[t]he [questionnaire] results will be submitted to Loughborough University as part of a PhD thesis and disseminated via relevant academic/popular publications and/or conferences.'