e-Proofs: design of a resource to support proof comprehension in mathematics

2011-09-22T13:26:49Z (GMT) by Lara Alcock Nicola Wilkinson
This paper presents a theoretical basis for the design of e-­‐Proofs, electronic resources to support proof comprehension in undergraduate mathematics. To begin I frame the problems of teaching for proof comprehension, giving research background and an argument about what teacher-­‐centred lecturing does not, and cannot, do to address these. I then describe e-­‐Proofs, discuss the way in which they have been used in an Analysis course and review their limitations and affordances as part of an overall educational experience. Finally, I briefly describe the development of a web-­‐based tool for constructing e-­‐Proofs, ways in which this tool will be used to different pedagogical ends, and associated research activity.