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A bad press: the representation of political correctness in national newspapers

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posted on 2017-10-04, 08:28 authored by Janet C. Guinea
A textual analysis of the negative representation of political correctness in national newspapers. Considers "PC" as multi cultural tolerance, in terms of language vigilance, challenge to the "canon" and equal opportunities, and as intolerant censorship. Examples of practical programmes and conflicting academic opinion are given. Newspaper coverage is influenced by factors which 'close' the text to the readership. This manipulation of information is analysed in Case Studies from 1994: a headteacher's rejection of tickets to see Romeo and Juliet in January because of its 'blatant heterosexuality', and a speech by Prince Charles in May referring to the PC threat. Omission and selection of information illustrates that actual events fail to correspond with the media's preconceived patterns of associations. Two neutral studies, "Back to Basics" and the pending review of the National Curriculum for History, show that information manipulation is a common occurrence. Coverage becomes fictionalised and circular in order to avoid complex analysis of issues. Concludes that the press mirrors PC in its blinkered representation of stories and excludes new information in the attempt to adhere to unambiguous mainstream opinion.



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