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Bus passenger information in Leicestershire in 1991

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posted on 2018-01-05, 11:17 authored by Patricia Hubbell
The study examines the provision of bus passenger information in Leicestershire in a national and historical context. Recent transport legislation is analysed and found to affect information provision in that it fails to ascribe responsibility for it. A review of the literature provides the basis for an exploration of information needs. under the headings of users' specific needs and the means available to meet them. Against this background. research was conducted in Leicester and North-West Leicestershire by interview and by a survey of potential information outlets. Overall availability of information is satisfactory. in that there is no essential information which cannot be had; but there is much variation amongst organisations and locations. and the enquirer may have to work hard at getting enough information in time. The quality of information provided also varies: printed material is of a generally high standard. but one operator in particular provides a less than adequate telephone service. In general. the handling and dissemination of information by the operators leaves much to be desired. especially in those areas where the county council has least involvement. The council does a good job of gathering. handling and disseminating comprehensive information. as do some of the intermediaries. It is concluded that the county benefits from having a council which takes its information role seriously and which makes appropriate use of IT. The operators should concentrate on improving their performance within their natural domain. Non-specialist information providers should be fully committed or not participate. A legal framework for local authority action and a rationalisation of the Traffic Commissioners' role are recommended.



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