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posted on 19.09.2012, 10:37 authored by Michael F. Darwin
Examinations at 16+ are going through major changes at the present time with the introduction of the GCSE examinations. Coursework is being intrcduced into these syllabuses, and although it does not becane compulsory until 1991, mathematics teachers must prepare very carefully for the time ahead. I propose to examine the ideas of coursework more fully. Why we should include courswork, what syllabuses are available and what types of coursework they are recommending. Once the requirements have been explored I will be identifying changes in the organisation of the classroom and looking to see how assessment in mathmatics may change in the future. Coursework must be seen to provide a worthwhile learning experience for the pupils, and it must provide the Examination Groups with reliable information as to the abilities of the pupils. This is so obvious that we may not give sufficient consideration to the problems that it may cause; I will be examining examples of coursework to see how they stand up to this.



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A Master's Dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of M.Sc. in Mathematical Education of the Loughborough University of Technology, January 1988.



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