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Guide to the historical records of the British motor car industry

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posted on 2018-05-15, 10:19 authored by Graeme Leng-Ward
The aim of this project has been to provide an overview of the holdings of historical records of the British motor car manufacturing industry as this important industry approaches its centenary in 1996. Initial chapters review the background to the project and reasons for its undertaking, the history of the industry and the types of records generated by it. Chapter four lists car manufacturing companies, brief accounts of their histories and the location and nature of record holdings. Because of the complex relationships in this industry and the constant redefining of the forms that companies take through mergers, liquidations, acquisitions and changes of name, the companies have been listed mostly in the form of 'groups of related companies'. Within each of these groups there are common factors with regard to the manufacturing process, locations and record generation. The study has been limited to locating the records of the sixty one groups that have manufactured for at least twenty years supplemented by a selection of six groups that manufactured for between two and twenty years. Summary descriptions of record holdings have been given where access to the records or to listings of the records have been obtained.



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