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Legal and ethical aspects of the provision of medical information in the European Community: implications of 1992

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posted on 2012-09-19, 07:39 authored by Peter G.B. Bass
Legal and ethical aspects of the provision of medical information in the European Community - implications of 1992, by Dr. P.G.B.Bass. There is a wide range of literature available on the European Community as a trading area, but as neither medicine nor medical information are administered by anyone section of the Community, and as there are 12 countries with differing systems and approaches to the practice of medicine, it is difficult to outline a coherent description of its medical philosophy and its legislation. Accordingly, as the following list shows, a varied selection of publications was consulted: - Encyclopaedias, directories and dictionaries. - Council of Europe and Commission of the European Community pamphlets, journals and books. - Human Rights literature. - Literature with information on policy, statistics, general information and aspects of health and health care in Europe. - Books on data protection law, philosophy, politics and European Community treaties. - Journals: medical and European Community publications. An attempt has been made to divide this topic, by chapters, into relevant sections and to give a broad final assessment.



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