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Staff development and training in academic libraries: case studies in the UK

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posted on 09.11.2015, 16:54 by Denise J. Matthews
This dissertation is based on a literature review and three case studies of staff development and training in academic libraries in the United Kingdom. The study is not a comparative one but aims at establishing the approaches to staff development and training in academic libraries of different sizes and stages of growth. It considers the significance and reasons why staff development and training is a necessity in academic libraries. It also shows how every level of library staff needs training as it does not only include job training, but also development and attitude training. The study also identifies the staff who needs it, the different stages of staff development and training and discusses appropriate and cost effective methods used in these three libraries. It looks at and examines the positive features that contribute to the successful implementation and practice of a staff development and training programme in an academic library, the main and potential problem areas of staff development and training and reveals how these libraries overcome them. The study concludes with recommendations for the improvement and advancement of staff development and training in academic libraries in South Africa which it is hoped will be considered for implementation as appropriate.



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